About Us

Find the perfect blend of creativity, health & wellbeing and spirituality on a Peace Lily Retreat...

Cast aside the pressures of everyday life and join us in beautiful natural surroundings. Pass your days learning, experiencing and walking. Spend some time alone to reflect and enjoy the company of like minded people. Eat nourishing home cooked meals, relax by a log fire and sleep soundly in a comfortable bed.

The roles we all play in life be it parent, child, partner, friend or colleague can sometimes make us feel like that's all we are. How many times have you considered taking a step away to just breathe and recharge, or to revisit hobbies or activities you once enjoyed? Have you longed to make time to try something new?

Perhaps you are looking for a relaxing break for yourself and a group of family or friends which covers more than one interest? Get in touch with us and we can discuss organizing you a bespoke retreat.

At Peace Lily Retreats we cover a variety of interests open to all age groups. We always assume you have a mind full of curiosity and a youthful heart...

Our Art and Creative Writing retreats are taught by professionals using their own various techniques to interpret the world around them. They look forward to assisting you to find your individual style. Perhaps you are already a professional artist or writer and seek the inspiration of a creative environment.

Let our Songwriting tutor guide you through the process of writing your own song. Listen or join in with musical evenings around a campfire.

Move forward in your spiritual journey by learning from our Health & Wellbeing tutors. Find time for a soothing/healing treatment.

Start your day with an invigorating yoga session. Wind down for bed with an evening meditation.

Put yourself first by nourishing your body, mind and spirit.

We look forward to meeting you.

Margaret Lilley

(Founder and Co-ordinator)


Peace Lily- (latin name- Spathiphyllum) meaning peace, purity, hope and prosperity Peace Lily Logo Painted in Watercolour by Susan McMillan 

  Introduction to The Mindfulness of Drawing/ The Art of Seeing with John Threlfall

In these 1 hour recordings award winning wildlife, landscape and portrait artist John Threlfall introduces you to the workshops he will lead on retreat.

Introduction to The Mindfulness of Drawing, the first session, shows how mindfulness can aid and integrate into your drawing practice, just click on the link below.


Below is the recording of John's second workshop Introduction to The Art of Seeing. John explains how both sides of your brain function when you are drawing and demonstrates drawing techniques to help improve your work. 


For these sessions you will need -
 A3 or A2 paper
hard pastel stick

All of our art retreats are suitable for beginners and more experienced artists.



Introduction to Creative Writing with Kirsten Rees

Below is an hour long introductory session with award winning Book Editor, Author Coach and Writer Kirsten Rees. Kirsten gives some tips on how to get started as a writer, giving you some insight into her retreat workshops. 

Just click the link below to view


Join us with Kirsten on retreat or at an online workshop as she covers one of her three workshops;

Getting Started as a Writer- Parts 1 & 2 

Writing for Positivity

Writing Fiction

All of our writing retreats are suitable for beginners or more experienced writers.

Hope to see you there!

 An explanation of how Yoga works on our retreats with Elizabeth Anne Holmes

In this 40 minute video our Yoga tutor, Elizabeth Anne Holmes of Santosha Therapy, explains what yoga ishow it can work for you and how it can integrate into your retreat experience and your everyday life.
At Peace Lily Retreats we will offer a wide range of retreats which will include optional yoga sessions if you wish to participate. We hope in the future to offer Yoga, Health & Wellbeing Retreats. 

Simply click on the link below to view the video.